Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have been in California for 3 weeks and finally found enough courage to enter the blog world once more. To rest all at ease, I am home SAFE. To reach me know just email ( and sooner or later I will write back. To each any every donate of money and love WORDS CAN NOT CAPTURE MY GRATITUDE!

I come to all my friends and family not give you a conclusion to this wild ride of a semester in India. Instead I find myself choked, stuck, and mentally blocked when looking back at the experience. "How was India? What was your favorite place? Do you speak Indian?" I will spend the next five years(at least) unpacking India. My india, my memories, my nightmares, my challenges, my dreams! So if I haven't answered any these questions for most of you yet, it's cause I myself can't answer them. Please continue in patience, please!

After catching up with an old friend today he encouraged me that "No one can go to India without being changed...your mental furniture will be moved." I loved this visual! My mind has put certain things into "furniture". Like my family, Jordan, my passions, my laugh, my love of people...I can perfectly see inside my mind...the armchair, sofa, house piano, love seat, book selfs. I found some kind of peace in this visual of knowing that even though I need to rearrange my furniture, these people and ideals are still what make me ME. What God laughs and giggles and loves about me. What keep my friends thinking I am funny (HA!). And what seems even more fitting is coming back to California in such a transitional phase of life. BUT...same ol' same here- GOD IS FAITHFUL! I have job, I have places to stay, I have a full belly, and I am about to get some more sleep.

Jordan and I had the blessing of traveling California and realizing everything and everyone who has and wants to support us. Thank you for each person along the way! May the God of justice and the Creator of love, grace, and forgiveness

Be blessed.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Peace to all