Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today, I was quickly assured by a friend I only have six weeks left in America! Quite extreme, but true. I took the warning as an opportunity. My parents and I went on a walk! We talked about race, history, frozen yogurt(as we stopped by and got some), and life. I look up to my parents. They have come to a place in their faith to "let me go." Praying that everything good they have ever tried to teach will not be in vain. Today is the first day in a while when I really FEEL like I am going to India. I will be in India for longer than I have been at home in years. So I am nervous, scared, extremely excited, and above all humble.

I wonder what will it look like, what will it smell like, how will Indian people look at me, will all the money come through, will God look different?

I sign off tired by my own thoughts and hopefully excited to what lies ahead!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The beginning

You never know where the road of life is going to take you. During my first two years at Point Loma Nazarene University I’ve found that the road of life is not only unpredictable, but often confusing – Having to make choices about the future, keeping in touch with family, deciding on classes for the Fall – life as you know can suddenly become overwhelming. Nevertheless, with my Major in Art with a Concentration in Photography and Minor in International Development Studies I have decided to study abroad in India. I have been accepted to the University of Hyderabad where I will be studying 16 units of general ed. courses including the national language of Hindi alongside history, literature, music, and dance. My study will begin immediately this summer and continue through the Fall semester. I plan to leave the United States July 9th for Hyderabad and return home December 5th 2008.

I am simply going because of Christ’s clear calling on my life to love and engage the world around me. I’ve always had a heart for the people of India; just to taste and see the beauty and heartache of this growing country has for some reason always been a dream of mine. As Americans it is easy to separate ourselves from those who may not act or dress or talk like us, especially those living on the other side of the globe – but now I have a chance to actually go and experience it! With my passion for photography, travel, and international development I would be foolish not to jump at this incredible opportunity. I also anticipate that I too will be radically changed through this experience, but this is my desire as I want to return home not only with a better understanding of our world, but with a better understanding of myself and those whom I love.

So I’m asking for your help. While my tuition and accommodations are covered through my school payment plan, I need to purchase a plane ticket of about $2000. I recognize that without the help of my closest family and friends I travel in vain, so I humbly write to you asking for your spiritual, emotional, and financial support. As money is ‘tight’ for all of us, my hope is that I could raise enough support from as many of those able to partner with me. At the same time, I want to encourage you to personally step out in faith with me financially as I go to India, knowing that God will provide for your every need as well. I hope this letter finds you energized and even prompts you to renew your own faith in God, the One who loves you and has a plan for your life. Thank you so much for your contributions of love and support – it means the world to me!

Please email me with questions or prayers at