Saturday, November 1, 2008

During a setting sun

Have you ever lost the sun while it was setting? Maybe lost in the clouds, some hills, some pollution...whatever the case you continue your day cause you understand that the sun really isn't "lost" and you will see it tomorrow (inshalla). You understand that you just have the wrong view, a skrewed perspective, or too many distractions. A few nights ago I finally let go of the last part of myself. The self I wanted to produce to show the world "look at me, with my experience, with my look, look how culturally sensitive i am, how i can adapt, how accepting i am...LOOK!" Its gone in God's grace it is clear that I do not have to pick it up. The time and space that I have come to dislike in India is also the freedom that got me back to ME. What an odd thing life, growing up, distance, love, all of that. While my time in India is setting I able to smile, breath, and sleep knowing the California sun awaits me. My time left in India is dedicated to the people who invested in me while I at my lowest. My time left in India is not for me. So today watch the sun set, but don't stare directly at the sun too long (i hate those sun spot things after) and think of YOU, think of where the sun is just rising (the SAME SUN- get that) and know I will see you soon enough, under the same sun!


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Linda said...

Hi Katrina,

We just wanted to give you a big hug from Anaheim, CA. See you soon!


Jeff, Linda & Adrian