Saturday, October 4, 2008

60 day notice

People rushing
Feet passing
What are we missing?

Stone solidifying
Nature diminishing
Time escaping

People rushing
Feet passing
Where are we looking?

Namaste friends and family!
I officially have 60 days left to take all I can from India and give India all I have. God has been so faithful and these last couple of days have changed me forever. Certain conversations, certain violations, certain perspectives, certain downfalls, certain achievements...all has been made new. "Today is a great day. A great day for up" Dr.Seuss use to tell me. Well, I decided and I am ready to fight for my happiness and change, that God has let me come here to grasp. Maybe I wouldn't figure it out now, maybe in a few months. But I will be happy now. I will find joy in the the daily journey. I have been asked if I see God and dear friend I DO. I know maybe today at this very instance you seem distant from me, from God, from the reality that is this harsh grey area called life, but I must pass on the confidence I have now gained, gathered and nurtured. Soak in those around you. Thank your mom one more time for those words (even if she was right all along). Thank your dad for that hug (even when you didn't want him too). Thank that mentor that always smiled in confidence at your hardest unanswerable questions. Thank that artist that finally articulated themselves and you felt part of something bigger than yourself. Thank that annoying gas guy for doing his job in giving you hot water and hot food. Thank God for remaining the same.


Katrina Brown said...

Thank you for your encouragement to me Kat, and to all of us. You passion is missed here and so desperately needed. God is using you, changing you, and I stand in awe.

andrew said...

LOVE that photo.

Keep blogging, my friend!

Carla said...

You never stop amazing me you are so beautiful and brave!!! I miss and love you so much. You are always in my heart :) bring me a sanscrit OM and Namaste drawing for potential ink ;)

Love you so BLESSED your my sister!!!

Jayden-Lynn said...

beautiful pictures. beautiful words.

we are here to disappear, lets be as vivid and generous as we can be...

andrew said...

I was just checking your blog out again and came across this photo at the bottom of this post.

I know I already commented on it--

but it's well worth another one.