Saturday, October 11, 2008

Help me

I have already spoken of loss and gain and how India has brought these two realities side by side. Maybe this is how life is, but now I have no escaping it. I have found my peace and confidence in India and in that I have been such a better house mate. I am back to pranks and social functions and last night the boys played dress up with me and created a pretty boy. I laughed too much to not make a video...

In this pure joy I finally went off to bed, tired and smiling, but I was woken in the middle of my sleep by intuition. I turned my computer on and checked my email. My mother had just emailed an hour earlier that my great grandpa wimpy passed away on Oct 11th. I am crushed. I love this man. Before I left he shared some the funniest moments from war, living, parenting, and just being a man. I respect him and will miss him. If you didn't get to him just know you would have loved him. He told it to you straight. He was an amazing fisher, gardener, father, and grandfather.

Dear friends, please pray for me, my peace, my joy, me. I need it all. Please lift up my family and we continue to live happy as Grandpa would want us to. Home has never felt farther away. I come to each one of you, I need your strength.


LeashBaby144 said...

hey baby! i started crying after I watched your video. I want that. I want you here. I didn't realize how much I miss your laugh and your ability to make me laugh. I guess I'm just being selfish becaue I know how much you need to be there for you. But still...I want you back! I'm sorry for your loss and will keep you and your family in my prayers. I wish I could be there for you, hold you, and let you cry on my shoulder sister! I LOVE you and you are strong Kat! Just hold on... Always and Forever

Katrina Brown said...

You are so close!
Keep running girl!
You are not far away! We are here and with you in prayer. Your laugh is contagious and it's prepping all of us to get ready for when you come home. I love you. I miss you. I'm so sorry about these recent events. Please know that I (we) stand with you through thick and thin - high and low. You are so so strong baby and I'm so proud of you!

Jayden-Lynn said...

katrina baby! Stay strong love, before you know it you'll be back in our arms. I forgot just how much your laugh could brighten my day : ) We love you.