Monday, October 20, 2008


The anticipation had built as I had been waiting a month for my package to finally be delivered. Today was the day; one smashed up, worn out, and re taped box was delivered to one patient Katrina Brown. I examined the box and its weight. Once again some postman somewhere opened and searched for who knows what. He once again left me with the “meaningless” important things! So after getting a fill of skate mags and American chewy candies I escaped into silence. One month it took for this box to become a reality in my life. One month. I am not even the person I was a week ago, so I thought in this moment of peace I would recap one month.
Lost my Grandpa Wimpy
Lost another chuck of my pride
Gained another chuck of life with my boyfriend
Gained Bobby Mac coming to visit
Lost respect for large groups of Indian men during a festival
Lost hope in humans
Gained hope in humanity
Lost time
Gained new music
Gained self respect
Gained weight
Lost waste (to say nicely)
Lost sleep
Gained strength
Lost convenience
Lost phone
Gained silence
I honestly just want to tell you, scream to you, whisper to each and every one of you THIS HAS BEEN THE HARDEST BEST MONTH EVER. This month marks one month left in India. I remember writing on this first blog "one month down" and now one month to go. MY FRIENDS OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL. I find God in every email, every video, quick message, photo, letter, or phone call. I found God cause I was looking. I found God cause he never left me.
Now the challenge comes, as I await in shear amazement at the work of God, to live in a constant search to hear God and be heard by him. Even in the comfortable, even in the everyday, even in the busy.


MLEmary said...

I LOVE WHEN YOU BLOGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! WHO sent you the package?! I love lists. I love your energy. I love your heart. I love you!

Tre said...

Praise praise praise the lord.

I have a warm welcome waiting for you.